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Lolitas of Indiana
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For fans of the gothic Lolita fashion in Indiana
Welcome to Crossroad Frills, a community for enthusiasts of the gothic lolita Fashion in Indiana.

This community is to provide connections and information for the lolitas of Indiana. Whether you're almost in michigan, a stone's throw away from chi-town, down in the depths of kentuckiana or somewhere in between, we welcome your frills here!

1. Lolitas don't have to be polite, but things run a hell of a lot smoother if you are. Personal attacks, hate speech, stalking and other such negative actions will not be tolerated on this community.
Remember, there's another frillybutt on the other side of the screen and she (or he) has feelings too.

2. Keep our community clean! Do not spam the community. We are not your personal ad-space or a sales comm.

3. Keep our community organized! please remember to tag and cut your posts. there should only be one preview image below 500x500 pixels outside of your cut. please put anything longer than a paragraph or so under a cut as well.

4. Off topic is fine - We all have interests outside of loli! - but remember that the OP and the other members of the comm may not share that view.

Intro posts

Nobody likes a comm that's only intros and no content, so try and find something to contribute along with your introduction!
There is also an into thread here.
Here are some questions to get you started if you want the community to get to know you better:

What's your preferred name?

Are you from Indiana? If so, where from? If not, Where did you originally come from and where are you living now?

How long have you been into lolita?

how did you find out about it?

What's your favorite style of lolita?

what's your favorite non-loli style?

What kinds of things do you like outside of lolita? ( star trek, anime, knitting, hand crafting peruvian pan-flutes, etc.)

Bows, headdressses, or neither?

Miscellaneous you care to share