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Bliggity Blogs?

Hey everyone! I was wondering if I could pick your brains for some input!

I'm interested in starting a lolita related blog, but as I've started to poke around, I see that there are several out there already. I'm a fan of some of them (I particularly like F-Yeah Lolita) just because of their frank nature and they way that they provide information to people who are both new and veterans in the fashion.

So my question to you is- what kind of blogs would you be interested in seeing? What kind of EGL experience would you like to see someone write about? Do you like "challenge" blogs (where someone sets up a task they plan to accomplish in a set period of time and then blogs about their progress)? Do you prefer straight information? Do you like more narrative? What attracts you to someone's blog? Pictures? Funny stories?

A little about me and my strengths/things I could actually write about-

I've been involved in the EGL community for almost 10 years. My friends and I discovered the fashion around 2002 or so, and started looking in to it- making some terrible Ita dresses with enthusiasm as our guide. However, we did successfully host several events at conventions as well as lolita centric photoshoots with the help of a photographer friend of ours. However, I didn't really own any lolita pieces that hadn't been made on my own (and somewhat poorly at that, haha) until very recently.

I am a cook, and I love to bake. My favorite lolita events were always tea parties. I like planning out menus and coming up with cute presentations (when I'm able to). I have a couple of go-to recipes for these sorts of events, but I don't usually have as much time as I'd like to experiment.

I'm a plus size lolita- which presents its own challenges (I tend to seek out replicas and original custom size pieces). Admittedly, I'm looking to adopt some better exercise habits and stuff. ^_^;;

I'M OLD. Haha, it just seems like I'm older than the average loli, even though I have definitely come across a few girls here and there that are older than I am, I'm 28 which definitely puts me in the "vintage" spectrum of things. XD I just need to start to groom my tastes to something a little more classic. But... I love cupcakes and food prints! XD

Anyways- I was just wondering if I could pick your brains. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


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