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Any interest in a Gift Exchange?

So I'm gearing up to head to Gen-Con this week, and the Chicago meetup next week (totally psyched about that) but as I'm getting all geared up for some chances to don my frills, I've been thinking about the Indiana EGL community a bit.

Some thoughts and a suggestion!Collapse )

Any lolis attending Gen-Con?

So I'm going to be attending Gen-Con in Indy this August, and assuming all goes well and the dresses I've ordered get to me in time, I'll be donning some sweet loli looks at least one day. I was just wondering if anyone else was planning on attending. I realize Gen-Con is really focused on gaming rather than Japanese pop culture events- although there seem to be a few anime related panels and happenings...

At any rate, I just wanted to check and see if anyone else was going and might want to schedule a meetup. I'll be there Fri-Sun and I'm available most of the time. There's just a few panels/sessions I'm interested in going to, but I doubt they are during times people would want to meet anyway. ^_^

Do let me know!

FYE Cosplay-ish Day

Hello all!  I was talking to a girl at FYE at the Castleton Square Mall a few days ago, and she told me that they are having a cosplay event day on the 24th, this Sunday.  I am definitely going and just wanted to let everyone else know about it!  I posted this on EGL and some other girls showed interest, and they reminded me to post it here for those of you not on EGL.  I will be there, in full Lolita for part of the day, and dancing clothes for dancing to SuperJunior/SHINee.  The events start around 1pm, and go on for most of the day.  Just throwing it out there in case anyone's interested!!!  I hope to see you there! <3

The Chicago Meet (Southern Indiana)

Hi there all you Southern Indiana Lolitas!
I just wanted to post this and say that my cousin and I are going to the Chicago Lolita meet-up in August, and I wanted to offer a car-pooling option for all of you Southern Lolitas. We will be leaving from Bloomington, IN and will drive up to Chicago. I know it's a long drive, but we can do it! ^o^~

Here is the link to the event: http://chigothloli.livejournal.com/334880.html

Just post here if you are interested or e-mail me at: hinata_mayonaka@yahoo.com
Hope to hear from you!

p.s The is a response to loli_lee's original post
I credit her for originally posting the idea

The Chicago Meet

I don't know if anyone caught the post about it on the EGL community or if anyone here is also part of the ChiGothLoli community, but they made a post recently about their 2nd annual Midwest Lolita meet and greet.

Here's a link to the post on chigothloli -  http://chigothloli.livejournal.com/334880.html

I don't know how close everyone is to Chicago or how relevant it is to anyone in the group but I figured I'd just make a post here about it in the case that anyone missed it and would otherwise be interested.
Me and my sister will be going to this event and can carpool up to three extra people with us as well if anyone in the Michiana area needed a ride.

Have a lovely day folks
Hello my hoosier lovelies,

Two items to post.

1.  Anybody up for a bodyline GO?  I'd like to organize one if there is any interest.  I need some blouses.

2.  Mostly for the Northern Indiana lolis:   Anyone going to Shutocon in Lansing MI?

Introduction ^o^

What's your preferred name?

Annie ^o^~

Are you from Indiana? If so, where from? If not, Where did you originally come from and where are you living now?

I was born in Martinsville and moved to Bloomington when I was about 5 years old. :D
It's about 45-50min from Indianapolis.

How long have you been into lolita?

Hm.. Well, I first started liking Japan when I entered the 6th grade. I only found out about Lolita in my Sophomore year of Highschool. So only about 2 years or so.. hehe
I'm going to be a Freshman in College next year btw :D

How did you find out about it?

I went to a local anime club at out public library and entered a cosplay contest with a Gothic Lolita bible as the first prize~ I won :D
I read the magazine about a hundred times and totally loved it!
Plus I had a couple of friends in the aime club that were really into it, they got me inspired.

What's your favorite style of lolita?

OTT sweet lolita coordinates. I've been really interested in Shiro Lolita, but I haven't obtained any clothes yet. Next on my list! My favorite brands are Angelic Pretty, and Baby the Stars Shine Bright

What's your favorite non-loli style?

DECORA!!!!! <3 My freshman through Sophomore year I wore Decora to school everyday :D
That's why I love OTT Lolita, because it's like Deco Lolita <3

What kinds of things do you like outside of lolita? ( star trek, anime, knitting, hand crafting peruvian pan-flutes, etc.)

Love Anime and Manga. I can spend a WHOLE day sitting around watching or reading XD
I'm such a nerd :d
I love sewing things~
I really want to learn embroidery, but no one seems to know how to do it anymore D:

Bows, headdressses, or neither?

I love Headdresses! Frilly ones with lot's of lace! :D

Miscellaneous you care to share

I love matching color themes and tons of accessories!~
I really want to go to more meet-ups! I've only been to one big-ish one o////o
I have a drivers license so I can drive people if you all need a ride :p
I'm going to be a Freshman in college next year! I'm going to go to IU if anyone else is going let me know :DD
Hmm, aside from Lolita I also love Cosplaying >3>""
Currently I'm studying in South Korea and will return to Indiana in the late May!
Just in time for some Summer Lolita meet-ups???? Hehe
I hope to study Japanese and Korean and become a really awesome translator someday!
Nice to meet you all!

Hi Everyone!

What's your preferred name?  

Just Call me Skitty~

Are you from Indiana? If so, where from? If not, Where did you originally come from and where are you living now?

I was born and raised in Hartford City, IN, that's by Muncie, IN

How long have you been into lolita?

I've liked it for a really long time it seems like. I've been studying everything there is to know about it since I found out about it. I finally ordered my first dress about a year or so ago, since I got it for my 16th birthday and it's almost my birthday again. (January 1st) I'm proud to say my lolita collection has grown since!

how did you find out about it?

It's been a while, I don't have a very good memory. I think I came across it completely by accident when I was looking at stuff about Japan. I've always loved Japan's interesting culture.

What's your favorite style of lolita?

Sweet lolita, especially OTT sweet lolita coordinates. My favorite brands are Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute, and Baby the Stars Shine Bright

what's your favorite non-loli style?

Fariy-kei for sure, though there isn't any style I like near as much as lolita. 

What kinds of things do you like outside of lolita? ( star trek, anime, knitting, hand crafting peruvian pan-flutes, etc.)

I do like anime and manga, my interest in Japan started there and I found lolita because of my love of Japan. I like to sew, I'm not very good yet, but I'm learning! I like collecting cute dolls and stuffed animals and I love art.

Bows, headdressses, or neither?

Bows all the way! Giant pink bows! 

Miscellaneous you care to share

My favorite color is pink and the next 10 of my favorite color are shades of pink. I'm still in High School, it seems like most lolitas I see are in college or out of school. I'm new to Live Journal, even though I've had one a while, I never actually used it. I apologize in advance if I ask silly questions or do something wrong, oh and I'm a lolita level 67 and rising! (lol) ...I can't figure out how to paste this link I was gonna post. It was to a post on my favorite blog, Lolita Charm, about how to get your Lolita level. If you want the link comment that you want it because I can post links in my comments. I've never been able to go to a lolita meet because I don't have a drivers licence and there haven't been any close that I knew of, I'd love to go to a meetup though! I'd also love a car pool. Us lolitas can help our planet and our fellow car-less lolitas like that don't you think? 

Nice to meet you all! 


winter clothing and accessories?

 this is my first time living in a state that snows! so i was wondering what the local lolis are wearing during this weather? pictures would be great(doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a item pic is fine). i currently just have regular snow jackets, long johns etc. so i don't have anything to show.

Nutcracker for the ladies further south

Since loli_lee suggested the possibility of a Nutcracker meet-up in South Bend, (which I know for a few of us it just too far to drive up for a day) I was wondering if some of us farther south might be interested in a Nutcracker meet-up as well.

Indiana University (in Bloomington) also puts on a performance of The Nutcracker annually (and quite an excellent one, in my opinion), and the performances this year are at 2pm the 4th and the 5th and at 8 pm the 3rd and the 4th. If anyone's interested and it isn't too far of a drive for you, it would be a nice opportunity for a meet-up, I think. If we wanted to get lunch/dinner before/after as well, there are also a number of excellent local restaurants within walking distance.

More info:

(Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and can also be purchased in person at the MAC. I have no problem going and buying them for the group, however large it ends up being, in person.)