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Anyone interested in a summer meet-up? ^_^


I was wanting to plan a meetup this summer for you lovely lovely ladies (and gents) since I have literally met none of you or ever talked to you. I thought this would be a good way for me to meet some of you but also a good way for other new people. I live in Indianapolis and was wanting to know where the rest of you live that would be interested so I can try and plan a central location. I don't want somebody to have to drive 5 minutes and someone else drive 3 hours. I'd also like suggestions on places you guys have been that you enjoy and fun places so I can get some ideas. I've only been in Indianapolis and in the country. I want to know if I should be looking at like a movie or a picnic. If any of you have heard of Aunt Ruthy's Tea House? (I went there in girl scouts years ago and it was so much fun)
Or Tina's Traditionals? (She can go anywhere and do traditional British tea parties). I just want to know what activities I should be looking at. Thank you for your fabulous time ladies (and gents).

EDIT: So while I was thinking about it for a while I though about a pitch in picnic by the canal here in Indy. What do you guys think? Also, what month work for everyone? I'll be ending some of my medical treatments this summer so I was thinking in the summer, but I'm fine with one in the spring. I want to work it so that it will fit into most of your schedules and I still want it to be cost efficient, because of my treatments I know I'm sort of money stuck at the moment, and a picnic at a park is just up my ally. 

MAJOR EDIT: Due to some circumstances that were no where near foreseen, I cannot host a meet-up. I'm very very sorry to all of you, but this is a spot I never saw myself being in and I need some time to be able to get myself out before going back to my lolita life.


Jessica Finch
Jun. 11th, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)
i wouldnt mind a lolita tea party or a regular meetup with lolitas but i live in henryville IN so ...yeah ^^ location location



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